Brewery Battle: Po’Boy Brewery in Port Jeff Station

The winners of the News 12 Brewery Battle are in. 
One of those winners is Po'Boy Brewery in Port Jefferson Station on Long Island. 
Owner and beer brewer Bobby Rodriguez says the brewery has been open for nearly three years. They've got 15 taps: 11 of which are beers, and four of which are ciders. Rodriguez says Po'Boy Brewery is one of a few breweries in the whole country that brews beer and cider. 
Every week, the brewery features a new cider, and every two weeks, there's a new beer. Only one beer has remained on tap since the brewery's opening. 
"Everything else is always a new recipe. That’s what keeps it not boring for me, and I believe not boring for the people that come to visit us," Rodriguez says. 
Wesam Hassanin, social media manager and bar manager for Po'Boy Brewery, says she's extremely grateful to their supporters for the Brewery Battle victory. 
"It's just absolutely amazing. We were watching these numbers the entire time, and it was so exciting to see how much our fans, supporters, and customers were supporting us during this," Hassanin says. 
Hassanin says she hopes Po'Boy Brewery will continue to expand in popularity.