Bronx bus riders to see changes with local bus network redesign

New routes, reduced wait times and increased bus speeds – these are the changes the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is planning to bring to Bronx commuters starting on Sunday.
The MTA is launching a local bus network redesign in the Bronx that consists of 13 modified routes, two new routes, and the removal of 375 bus stops.
“For many of our commuters and our residents that ride the bus every single day, a common complaint that we would hear, ‘The buses are too darn slow’,” said Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson.
According to the MTA, distances between bus stops are approximately 800 feet in New York City. The agency found that this caused slower bus speeds compared to other cities where bus stops are on average anywhere from 1,000 to 1,680 feet apart.
Residents have expressed concern that buses will be less accessible if stops are removed, but the chairman of the MTA says this won’t be a problem.
“There are some fewer bus stops, but that will more than be compensated by the advantage to everybody in having much faster bus service," said chairman and CEO of the MTA Janno Lieber.
The Bronx local bus network redesign launches Sunday, and the MTA says leadership and ambassadors will be on board helping riders navigate any service changes.