Bronx family claims deplorable housing conditions

A Bronx family is claiming that they've been forced to live in poor conditions for months.
They say their maintenance complains to the superintendent regularly, but have their complaints swept under the rug.
The Beckett family says their Butler Houses apartment is nearly uninhabitable, despite their several calls to 311. They say they've filed multiple maintenance requests since January, but zero repairs have been made.
Their bathtub backed up and flooded their apartment four months ago, uncovering many issues in their home, including the possibility of asbestos in their kitchen.
Beckett also says they have a rat issue in their kitchen and restroom, as well as daily flooding in their apartment from their neighbor's toilet and sink.
"There is an umbrella in my bathroom so when I use the bathroom, I have to put the umbrella up to use the restroom," said Beckett.
Beckett received a call from the superintendent while speaking with News 12, saying a contractor would come on Tuesday to perform an asbestos test.
The New York City Housing Authority provided a statement saying that they will be working on repairs for that apartment over the next two weeks.