Bronx family on road to recovery after Thanksgiving day fire

A fire broke out in a fifth-floor apartment early Thanksgiving morning in Melrose, and now a Bronx family says they’re being forced to live apart because of it. 
Ebony Lanier says she, her three adult children, and her two young grandkids rushed out of the smoke-filled apartment last Thursday, and when they were able to return, they say they were left with dangerous conditions in their home. 
“I had to come out of pocket to cover this up, but still it’s not a safe environment,” said Lanier. “This is a window, no frame is on there… if they are playing and come this way they’re going to fall out of the window.” 
The Bronx resident says she had to board up the exposed frame after her landlord allegedly refused to fix it. 
Since the fire took place, Lanier has been staying at the apartment, but her daughters and grandchildren went to stay with another relative because of the conditions. 
“I just want this fixed so my daughter can come home,” said Lanier. “She wants to come home.” 
Lanier says she is thankful none of them were seriously hurt in the fire, and they are requesting that their landlord transfer them to another building to all stay together while repairs are done.