Bronx mother blames illness on mold and rodent problem at her Edenwald Houses apartment

A Bronx woman claims that mold in her bathroom along with rodents scampering through her apartment are to blame for making her sick.
Stephanie Ceruti has acute asthma and takes medicines to treat her condition. For the past several weeks, she says her health has rapidly declined due to a rodent problem in her closet.  
Ceruti says the smell has become unbearable. Ceruti claims a worker that came to see the situation placed a mouse trap and gave her a piece of steel wool to plug up rodent holes in her closet.  
She also has a letter from the New York City Housing Authority stating that there was a mold issue in her apartment in October. Ceruti says that problem hasn’t been fixed.  
A house worker arrived at the apartment while News 12 was speaking to Ceruti to close a gap at the bottom of her front door where she says mice squeeze their way into her apartment. 
Ceruti is currently staying with her mother until the necessary repairs are made to her apartment.