Pride Month: Bronx native serves as Swiss Army Knife of community outreach

News 12 continues to celebrate Pride Month by highlighting leaders in the local community like Clarisa Alayeto, whose work as a community advocate has served as a lifeline for her neighborhood.  
Alayeto was raised in the Bronx and works with community partners and elected officials by day to support students and families at DREAM Charter School, where she is the manager of community and government affairs.  
“I want young people to recognized what is that uniqueness about yourself that you can contribute to your community to make it better,” said Alayeto. “For me, being my authentic self allows me to be a person in the community to do these things right… if I had issues with not being my authentic self, then I couldn’t give back to the community like I do.” 
Alayeto runs Yo Thatz Peace on the side, an organization that is committed to ending local gun violence. She recently started the Mott Haven Runners of Color to also share the sport that changed her life with her fellow community members.  
"There are good people in this world and I'm gay, right, and I want you to know that you can be yourself, you can be great and you can be welcomed,” said Ayaleto. 
Last night, the running group got together for a Pride run, one of the many outlets that Ayaleto uses to be a role model for the community and inspire others to be their true selves.  
"Go where you are accepted, go where you are loved, follow that you know even if that means letting go of some people who you love,” said Ayaleto.