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Bronx residents compete for parking with Yankees fans

Parking in New York City can be difficult and stressful, but Bronx residents on Gerard Avenue say it's a whole other problem when the Yankees play.

News 12 Staff

May 26, 2022, 9:25 PM

Updated 757 days ago


Parking in New York City can be difficult and stressful, but Bronx residents on Gerard Avenue say it's a whole other problem when the Yankees play.
Habibah Caldwell lives on Gerard Avenue close to Yankee Stadium and claims fans are choosing to not utilize stadium parking.
"Some days, we are in the car waiting hours and hours and the parking lot is completely empty," says Caldwell.
Neighbors claim they're also being restricted from driving down their own block because of numerous areas that are closed off.
Habibah Caldwell is currently working to collect signatures for a petition to make sure the community's needs are heard.  

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