Bronx salon facing malpractice claims temporarily shut down

Earlier this year, News 12’s Katelynn Ulrich brought you the story of women who say their hair fell out after they went to see a Bronx hair stylist.  
Now, the state of New York is putting a stop to Brian Andrew’s business. 
Andrew, lawyers, witnesses and a judge came together at the Department of State office in Manhattan to decide if he was running his salon with the proper licensing. 
At the hearing, the state investigator who inspected his salon said the department learned about this salon after watching a news story.  
Three women were ready to speak about their traumatic experiences at the hair salon. The doctor of a woman named Christine’s diagnosed her with chemical burns to the scalp, but before they spoke, Andrew’s attorney said that Andrew admitted he was operating without a license. He claimed that Andrew didn’t know a license was needed.  
The judge ended the hearing following this admission, and a cease-and-desist was issued. Now, Hair by Brian will no longer be allowed to operate until Brian Andrew obtains the proper license.  
The state has 150 days to process a license application.