Woman keeps family restaurant in business through struggles of pandemic

The owner of Mario's in the Bronx is determined to keep the family business going, even through the pandemic.
Regina Migliucci-Delfino says Mario's on Arthur Avenue was started by her great-great-grandmother in 1919, making her the fifth generation to run the restaurant.
"I'm not going anywhere, 101 years we're here and I hope to be here another 101 years," she says.
Migliucci-Delfino lost her father, Joseph Migliucci, to COVID-19 in the spring, so she took over the reins of the restaurant after working by his side for many years.
“It's been in our family for so long and it's a piece of our life and history, I would never let this go, even with COVID, I'm not standing down,” she says. "The business was started by a woman and now I'm the next in line. It took a woman to start it and I'm going to be here to finish it."
While the pandemic has been challenging for the restaurant in many ways, Migliucci-Delfino says she's looking forward to sharing great food and experiences with her customers.
"Treat them as if they were your own family coming into your home, because this is our home," she says.