Brooklyn College activists take stand against Islamophobia, white supremacy

Students, professors and religious leaders gathered at Brooklyn College to take a stand against Islamophobia in the wake of last week's terror attack in New Zealand.
Crowds came together with a message of solidarity for the dozens of victims and their families. Some took the stage with hope of helping tackle the problem of extremism, specifically white supremacy , which they say often leads to Islamophobia and religious intolerance.
Some Muslim students say they have been afraid to walk outside alone out of fear that they may be attacked simply because of their religion.
"We came here today just to show solidarity and support…We will fight racism, we will fight these terrorists and we'll take a stand," says Laraib Tahir, a Brooklyn College student.
Student activists say the event will not be the last. They plan to continue to speak out against white supremacy by holding protests, informative events and public discussions.