Brooklyn district attorney, 'God Squad' partnership aims to curb gun violence

As precincts across Brooklyn have seen a rise in violence, the Brooklyn district attorney announced a partnership with clergy councils that would allow for more community outreach to prevent gun violence.
The plan is for the 67th Clergy Council, also known as the God Squad, to enable other clergy councils to help the community through various strategies.
"Street engagement with young people, on the ground through all the evening. We're going to provide victim services for any individual ... who is shot, whose family would want us to provide for them," said Pastor Gil Monrose a member of the 67th Clergy Council.
Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez recalled a funeral he attended where he overheard a disturbing conversation.
"Talking to the family and plotting how they would get street justice for the person that was murdered. We know that the clergy and other trusted members can prevent that cycle of retribution and retaliation," he said.
Clergy councils across the borough will hit the ground immediately to decrease gun violence as summer approaches and crime typically increases.