Brooklyn elected officials demanding DOT increase intersection safety

Many Brooklyn elected officials banded together on Thursday to demand that the city’s Department of Transportation increase safety near intersections.  
These local leaders say that there needs to be better visibility at curbs for pedestrians, cyclists and even drivers.  
According to New York City data, there was an increase in both traffic-related injuries and deaths in 2023.  
“Currently our streetscape isn’t designed to remove those obstacles and obstructions… collisions are more likely to happen,” said Councilmember Shahana Hanif.  
Hanif, Sen. Andrew Gounardes and other officials signed a letter demanding the city replace parking spots near dangerous intersections for the sake of pedestrian and cyclist safety.  
"It forces us to change behavior when we are approaching intersections, it forces drivers to slow down as they're going to make a turn, and it creates clearer lines of sight,” said Gounardes.  
In a statement to News 12, the DOT says:  
"This administration is using every tool available to implement safer street designs, including a historic commitment to improve visibility at 1,000 intersections each year through daylighting. We will review the requests outlined in this letter.”