Brooklyn housing development tenants impacted by pandemic demand there be no rent hike

Residents and community activists rallied Sunday afternoon to demand there be no rent increase in their Starrett City community, one of the hardest hit COVID-19 hot spots in the city at one point.
Spring Creek Towers is the largest federally subsidized complex in the country, with a total of 46 buildings that lie within blocks of one another.
Nikki Lucas said over 1,000 people could be affected if rent were to go up. The prospect of a rent hike prompted her and several others to take action.
After hearing numerous complaints from residents, News 12 reached out to Spring Creek Towers directly and got in touch with a spokesperson who provided this statement that reads in part, "While we were never going to raise rent in 2021, we have now also suspended our normal administrative processes in order not to create confusion during this uncertain time. The existing rent freeze will remain in effect."
Some were grateful for the building management's decision not to increase rent. However, some feel it must be extended another four years, meaning no rent spikes until 2025.