Brooklyn manufacturing company transformed products to help curb COVID-19 spread

Avant Guards Manufacturing in Brooklyn transformed its products to help keep the community and other businesses safe during the coronavirus pandemic. 
Owner Barry Borgen tells News 12 the focus of their social distancing dividers began with something much more important than dining. 
He says it was the need for intubation boxes in ambulances to avoid exposure during the pandemic. 
Borgen says they later expanded to create dental screens, airport dividers and school barriers. 
"Making the dividers at least gives the parent a sense of security and gives the child a sense of security as well as a teacher… That makes us feel happy because yes going back to school is very important,” said Borgen. 
He says the colorful custom dividers are distinct because of their unbreakable polycarbonate material, which makes them clear and almost like they aren’t even there. 
They say their next goal is bar guards for when bars reopen in New York City.