Brooklyn midwife empowers women by keeping them informed about their health

A Brooklyn midwife and her team empowers women by keeping them informed about their health.
Roseanne Seminara co-founded Park Slope Midwives 28 years ago. She and her team have delivered thousands of babies at New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.
The group aims to help women at every stage of their life cycle with annual screenings.
"I think that we as midwives are in that unique position of empowering women, and there is no greater place to start then at birth."
Seminara started in health care as a nurse working in the NICU and then in labor and delivery.
“Then in the middle '80s, two midwives came with a doctor here to the hospital and I was just in awe. I said, "Wow, I cannot believe this is how birth could be," she says.
Seminara says this was when she changed course to become a midwife and work to educate people about what midwives do. She says she also wants to keep pushing to put midwifery, women's health and women in the forefront.
"There is a push going on in Congress for more funding for midwifery education and to help deal with the racial disparities in health care, and just overall quality women's health," she says.