Brooklyn nonprofit NPower works to help students get employed in the tech world

A Brooklyn nonprofit is working to help students get a competitive edge when it comes to employment in the tech world.
NPower is a nonprofit that helps young adults launch their careers in technology.
"Our anticipation is that in a post-COVID world technology is going to be every more important and think about how we are all using technology today, a lot of that is not going to change,” says Edwin Jodesty, student of NPower.
Now moved into a virtual setting, the six-month long program is a crash course in various branches of computer science.
Part of the program involves an internship that CEO Bertina Ceccarelli says its the best way for students to get their foot in the door.
"These skills prepare them to take jobs as remote desktop support, field technician, business analyst, project manager, solid jobs entry level, technology focused, but we also train in more advanced topics like cybersecurity and cloud computing and we know that those fields right now are exploding,” says Ceccarelli.
Brooklyn College student Edwin Jodesty tells News 12 the free program can open many doors.
"They actually sit with you and work on finding internships for you and that's usually a big struggle for a lot of people is experience because a lot of tech jobs don't hire people with no experience,” says Jodesty.
For many students that is priceless.
"About 85% of our students within one year of completing our program get a full time job in tech,” says Ceccarelli.