‘Stop shooting, start living’ - Brooklyn students march, demand end to gun violence

As students march, they’ll collect signatures for their petition calling on elected officials to do more in an effort to stop gun violence.

News 12 Staff

Jun 2, 2023, 10:00 AM

Updated 387 days ago


Brooklyn students demanded gun policy change Friday, marching from Crown Heights to Bed-Stuy to mark National Gun Violence Awareness Day.
“Stop shooting, start living” was the call that echoed through the streets from Launch Charter School. It came on a day that holds a personal connection to students who have lost family members to gun violence.
"My older brother was actually killed by gun violence, and it actually happens very, very quick and you never know when it strikes,” said co-principal Shamikah Kenlock. “So, I actually want our students to be prepared to talk about an issue that's actually really impacting the United States and the communities that they live in."
While shootings across the city have been trending down this year, there still have been 334 shooting incidents in the first fourth months of 2023.
Students wore orange to amplify the cause.
The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention says gun violence is now the leading cause of youth death in the United States.
Organizers said they want students to become the driving force behind the change they wish to see.

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