Brooklyn students walk out to pay tribute to gun violence victims, call for end to violence

Students and staff from Empower Charter School in Crown Heights walked out of their classes this morning and took to the streets to raise awareness of gun violence in their community.  
During the walkout, students got emotional while saying the names of loved ones who were lost due to gun violence. The walkout stopped where TyQuan Howard, a 16-year-old boy and former student of the charter school, was gunned down.  
“My parents loved him like he was their son,” said Larenique Harry, a seventh grader at the school. “He was always nice and always said hello to my family.”  
Students also made their way down Eastern Parkway to the house of Shayma Roman – a 17-year-old girl who was shot and killed in front of her home just a few weeks ago, blocks away from Empower Charter School. 
“I would never let my siblings walk outside by themselves,” said Jayden Brown, a seventh grader at the charter school. “If one of my siblings want to go to the store to buy something, I just tell them I’ll go for you… it's crazy, nowhere is safe. Not even in your house no more.” 
Students made their way back to the schoolyard where they spoke about how they feel about the violence being so close to their homes and schools. 
Empower Charter School offers mental health services to help alleviate the impact of gun violence on the student body.