Brooklyn woman creates safety alarms for Asian Americans fearful of possible hate crimes

A Brooklyn woman created a safety alarm for Asian Americans who have been facing a rise in hate crimes across the country.
Carolyn Kang says she found herself face-to-face with a man spewing hate toward her while inside the G train subway station.
“Suddenly this man was lunging at me, screaming at me into my face,” Kang says. “That Chinese people are ruining this f-ing country, that I was the problem and that I was to blame for the pandemic.”
Kang says hate against the Asian community escalated since then so she began collecting donations to pay for a safety alarm that people can carry with them.
She says she posted on social media offering the alarms to those concerned about their safety and the requests started coming in.
Kang says people started requesting them for their elderly parents, and nurses who are scared to take the subway home late.
She says she hopes it helps, but the biggest cure would be to stop the hate.
“For those that are being casually racist, it hurts and it makes a difference,” Kang says. “It directly contributes to the violence and hate crimes that are happening to Asian Americans.”
Kang has raised more than $5,500 for the alarms and has more than 700 requests for them.