Brooklyn woman hosts podcast aimed at helping Caribbean Americans succeed

A Brooklyn woman has created a following on a podcast focused on the experiences of Caribbean American people.
Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is the creator of the Carry On Friends Podcast. She came up with the show to share how her roots have shaped her life.
Reid-Brown says she first had the idea at a time when she needed career advice. She discovered it was difficult finding someone to talk to who also shared her cultural experience.
"We are people from different places. We have different culture and the nuances of each culture impact our experiences, and the different levels of our identity because identity is fluid," says Reid-Brown.
Carry On Friends has been going for five years, and says her show is the only one that specifically targets a Carribean American audience. Reid-Brown says her focus is to help listeners succeed.
"We talk about careers ... and of course entrepreneurship," says Reid-Brown. "We talk about that, what does that look like for us."
Reid-Brown says a person's culture is an important aspect on their journey to success.