Brooklyn woman launches free virtual support group for those grieving loss of a loved one

A 29-year-old woman in Kensington is showing those who are struggling the most that they're not alone.
Bre Metcalf-Oshinsky founded the Dead People's Group, a free virtual weekly support group for those who have lost an immediate family member or long-term partner.
Metcalf-Oshinsky lost her job last year as a result of the pandemic.
"It really ended up mimicking a lot of those initial feelings of grief where I was stuck in my own head getting really down on myself," Bre Metcalf-Oshinsky recalls.
The situation triggered emotions from when she was 16 and lost her mother to breast cancer.
"It was difficult. When you know that you may lose someone to a terminal illness, inevitably. So I think for me as an adult, I have been seeking out stability and security, whatever I can. When the pandemic hit, I was struck with a sense that the rug has been pulled out from under me," Bre Metcalf-Oshinsky says.
Metcalf-Oshinsky not only has a new job now, but has already been promoted. Her goal is to expand the Dead People's Group and turn it into a non-profit to give more people support and show them that they're not alone.