Bushwick resident says mice have infested her home for over 6 months

A resident of the Bushwick Houses is calling on the New York City Housing Authority to fix her home after she says she’s lived with a mice infestation for over six months. 
Dolores Manos says that since April 30, she has been dealing with a rodent infestation in her home. On that day, she says she was cleaning out a closet when she found a bag that was supposed to have papers in it, but instead had dozens of baby mice inside.  
She suspected she had a mouse issue after she found droppings in her apartment on the 17th floor, but never expected it to be that many. 
“I can’t sleep at night, thinking that one of them is going to crawl up on me,” said Manos, who’s lived in her apartment for seven years. “They’ve been sending the exterminator, all the exterminator was providing is glue traps.” 
Councilmember Jennifer Gutierrez and other elected officials have been trying to hold NYCHA accountable on behalf of dozens of tenants from the Bushwick Houses that say their apartment conditions are unbearable.  
“The tenants are doing what they’re supposed to do, which is putting a ticket,” said Gutierrez. “But that’s where it ends, nothing else happens after that… in the rare occasion that work is being done, it's either not finished or it's done poorly where it becomes an issue in the next few months again.” 
News 12 has reached out to NYCHA for a statement regarding the rodent infestation and is awaiting their response.