Car crashes into Bed-Stuy restaurant, causes extensive damage

A Brooklyn woman who was working on opening a restaurant in Bed-Stuy is picking up the pieces after a car crashed into the business and caused extensive damage.
The pizza shop on Fulton Street was in the process of becoming a Caribbean restaurant, which was set to open this week. The opening of the restaurant is now delayed.
Joy Lacoa says opening the restaurant, that she plans to name Joy's Delights, has been a lifelong dream for her. She says she used all her savings to try and get the restaurant open.
Lacoa says she planned to use the money she made from the restaurant to help pay bills and even to buy Christmas gifts for her family, but now she's stuck trying to figure out a way to make an income until the shop is able to open.
Police say surveillance video shows the driver of the car that crashed into the building, driving the wrong way up Brooklyn Avenue moments before the accident.
Police say the crash caused a gas leak but that no one was injured.
"It's hard, it's hard. All the money is gone. You can't do anything. You can't even pay the mortgage or whatever you can't, you can't keep up with the bills and that's it 'cause I was looking - I put all the money into this and I was looking forward for income," said Lacoa.
Lacoa says she doesn't know when the restaurant will be able to open. Friends have started a GoFundMe to help her in the meantime.