Carbon dioxide shortage hurts local beer business

The owner of a local bar is concerned that suppliers may be experiencing a shortage of carbon dioxide, a vital ingredient in the production and serving of beer.
Christopher Gandsy, owner of Daleview Biscuits and Beers, says he has seen a 15% to 20% rise in his current carbon dioxide bill. This has led him to believe that the suppliers are running out of the high-demand ingredient.
"Without that CO2, there's not much you could do with beer production or beer serving because people want carbonation inside their beer, and if you don't have that CO2 you can't carb the beer, you can't move the beer. There's so many layers to it,” he says.
Although he says that no brewery in New York City has been impacted in terms of supply, Gadsy knows a few breweries in upstate New York that that were told by their supplier they would no longer ship it to them.
"Lots of people upstate are scrambling to find alternatives for CO2,” he said
Not enough CO2 would cause beer to be flat, and if the price for carbon dioxide goes up, so will the price of beer. Beer providers like Gandsy are hoping the issue is resolved soon.