CenterLight Health System looks to make vaccination process ‘exciting’ for seniors in Allerton

The CenterLight Health System in Allerton created a celebration for those signing up to take their first dose of the Moderna vaccine.
The center along White Plains Road partnered with Care RX Pharmacy and turned the space into a vaccination clinic.
The clinic added balloons and music to create a festive atmosphere for the process.
“We wanted to add some life back into the process of getting vaccinated and make it exciting,” one worker at the health system says. “And hopefully start the energy that we need to be able to open our day centers and welcome our participants back.”
More than 50 seniors at the site signed up to get vaccinated to combat the coronavirus.
Maria Salgado, 98, says she hopes the vaccine initiative will help her be able to reunite with friends at the Wallerstein Center.
“Go ahead and do it,” Salgado says. “It doesn’t cost anything.”
The pop-up clinic will also be taking walk-ins for Wednesday on a first come, first served basis.