'Changing the narrative' - Black fathers march with families in Brooklyn to celebrate Juneteenth, Father's Day

 An organization dedicated to uniting Black fathers and their families held a march in Brooklyn Sunday to celebrate Juneteenth and Father’s Day. 
The Dad Gang marked five years of the establishment of their group with their third annual March of Dads. They say they want to provide a way to unite families and to change the narrative of Black fathers not being in homes or active in their children's lives. 
Sean Williams, the president of the organization, says that he didn't agree with the notion that Black fathers aren't around and wanted to show that he meant it. 
“I think changing the narrative and stereotypes of Black fathers being MIA was really important. Not only did it hurt us in the media but in the community too,” he says. “We felt that it wasn't true, so we started the organization just to prove it. Having a presence in the media so we can show the world what we're doing." 
The march started at the entrance of Prospect Park and ended a few blocks away at the Brooklyn Museum.