Charter school calls on state DOE to move ELA exams so it won't conflict with Eid

A local charter school community wants the state Department of Education to move its state English Language Arts exams for next year to another week in April because it may coincide with Eid.  
Eid marks the last day of Ramadan for Muslims, and many members of the school community observe the month of Ramadan.  
Administrators are now concerned that the testing period for the 2023-2024 academic year could coincide with the Muslim holiday. Zeta schools recently sent a letter to the state DOE asking the chancellor to change next year’s exams, slated for April 10-12, so that it doesn’t conflict with Eid.  
“This is important to us because it's all religion, and I get that sometimes it may come off it's not a big deal, but everyone else is able to have their religion and it doesn't overlap on the board of Education activities or testing,” said Zeta schools principal Amenata Magiraga.  
The request to the state education department requests that the tests be pushed back one week.