Child who weighed less than 1 pound to be released from Brookdale Hospital

After six long months at Brookdale Hospital, Salah and Hager Almohana are finally taking their newborn baby home.  
Visiting the neonatal intensive care unit at Brookdale was the only way the parents could see their child. When she was born, she weighed 375 grams - less than a pound. 
She now weighs a healthy 7 pounds – an achievement doctors say shouldn’t be taken lightly.  
“This is a big deal,” said Dr. Kemi Mascoll-Robertson, neonatologist at Brookdale Hospital. “Any NICU, anywhere in the world… knows that 375 grams is very, very small, very difficult to take care of." 
After only getting to spend 30 minutes a day with their newborn child in the NICU, the Almohana family will be walking out of the hospital with their new family member.