City Council, concerned parents and advocates call for restored school funding

City Council, concerned parents and education advocates are voicing their concern over looming school budget cuts.
The City Council is now urging Mayor Eric Adams and the city’s Department of Education to restore school funding by using a newly discovered surplus of $760 million that was allocated by the federal government.
Council Member Oswald Feliz says schools in his district are facing some of the largest budget cuts because of a lack of enrollment.
“Those are the kids that need it the most,” said Feliz. “Those are the students that need the resources the most, including those afterschool programs.”
Feliz and a majority of City Council members recently sent a letter urging Adams and the Education Department to invest into the future of its 1.1 million students.
Last month, council members and Adams reached a $101 billion budget deal that finalized cuts to school budgets for the 2022-2023 school year.
City Hall released the following statement:
"Make no mistake, this is the same budget the City Council held hearings about, reviewed, and then voted to pass. As was reflected during the budget process, there are more city funds in DOE's FY23 budget than last fiscal year. While enrollment in public schools dropped, the city has maintained the unprecedented commitment to keep every school from every zip code at 100% of Fair Student Funding."
The 2022 fiscal year has a few months to go until it closes, and officials tell News 12 that the Department of Education will be inviting participants to their meetings on the issue over the next few weeks.