City sets sights on four areas with high levels of rat activity

New York City's war against rats continues as the mayor's office is honing in on four areas across the city with high levels of rat activity. 
These areas have been designated as 'Rat Mitigation Zones' or RMZs. For the Bronx, the highest numbers are being reported along the Grand Concourse, while Brooklyn's RMZ includes parts of Bedford–Stuyvesant and Bushwick. 
Through a new online tool, New Yorkers can see where in the city rats are running rampant. Bed-Stuy and Bushwick had 1,509 complaints to 311 about rat sightings in 2022, and on the Grand Concourse, 990 rat sightings were reported last year. 
Adams said information will help both city agencies and residents to focus their efforts on the neighborhoods that need it the most. Last year, data shows there were 20,180 inspections in the Grand Concourse Zone and 31,225 inspections in the Bed-Stuy and Bushwick Zone.
New Yorkers told News 12 that while the city's rat problem has gotten out of hand, more everyday people should do their part to kick rats to the curb.
"Stop throwing the garbage out the window or stop leaving trash in the streets," said lifelong resident Warren Lane. "The mayor has good ideas, but there's only so much bureaucracy can do... it all boils down to us as individuals, we got to work with the departments in the services that have been provided for us."
The city now requires all food-related businesses to use trash containers instead of leaving trash bags out on the curb. There will also be an anti-rat day of action on August 12 in Harlem where you can learn what other work is being done and how you can help.