Community frustrated with long wait times, website registration troubles for COVID-19 shots

Long wait times, busy signals and not enough available appointments are some of the frustrations that many say they are dealing with as they try to get coronavirus vaccinations. 
Anthony Feliciano tells News 12 he has been trying for two days to get his 86-year-old father, Rafael, a vaccine appointment. 
He says he tried to make the appointment on the New York City Vaccine Finder website, but on Friday it wasn’t any better. 
He says he’s dealt with several roadblocks filling out information on the website only to be bumped off. 
“If you could get an appointment at one place, it doesn't allow you to automatically put in another location,” said Feliciano. 
Brooklyn resident Ester Sharp also says she has tried close to two dozen times to schedule an appointment for her 68-year-old mother. 
Many say it has become an issue of supply and demand for eligible people wanting to get vaccinated and the number of doses available at vaccine centers across our area. 
Appointments at many local vaccine hubs continue to be booked solid, with long lines stretching down the block at numerous locations. 
Feliciano says the registration website has left him frustrated with the process and the lack of information for eligible New Yorkers.