Community rallies in Washington Square Park over fatal shooting by officer in Minnesota

The death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright in Minnesota has fueled protests across the country. On Monday, the Brooklyn community rallied together in Washington Square Park to say they have had enough. 
"Black people are sick and tired of being murdered in the streets by police officers and that we’re not going to stand for it,” said activist Jay Walker. 
This comes after Wright’s death in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, on Sunday. Police say he was killed after they tried to take him into custody following a traffic violation, which led to the discovery of an arrest warrant. 
Police say when they tried to take him into custody, he got back in his car and was shot by an officer. 
They say he drove several blocks and hit another car before he was pronounced dead at the scene. 
Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said Monday that the officer meant to fire a Taser and unintentionally fired the gun that killed Wright, just 10 miles away from where George Floyd was also killed by police. 
"It’s really important that people come together when we're grieving. You know, we don’t know this young man, but we are grieving,” said Walker. 
Walker tells News 12 the rally is a combination of anger and grief.