Concern grows over cellphone towers on Crown Heights building

Tenants in Crown Heights are concerned over the amount of cellphone towers on their building and are worried about getting sick from the radiation.
Residents say the management company is allowing T-Mobile and Verizon to rent space and build cellphone towers on their roof at 990 President St. The most recent ones they say were installed last week.
Tenants say they are extremely concerned about their health and safety because they don't know whether or not they are being exposed to radiation.
The American Cancer Society says on its website “like FM radio waves, microwaves, visible light and heat, RF waves are a form of non-ionizing radiation. They don't have enough energy to cause cancer by directly damaging the DNA inside cells.”
News 12 reached out to T-Mobile, the management company and Verizon. Verizon said it is not building any new cell towers in the Crown Heights area. T-Mobile says while it does have an agreement in place at the residence, it operates less than half of the antennas on the roof there at the moment. It says it hasn't added any new antennas in recent years.
News 12 is still waiting to hear from the management company.