Concerned Brooklyn parents of 7th graders say book given to children contains inappropriate, sexual content

Just one month into the school year, parents of a charter school in Flatbush are speaking out against a book that was assigned to their seventh-grade children.  
The book, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian," has been the point of contention among parents, who pointed out that it contains foul language and sexual references.  
Some of those parents chanted outside of the school during dismissal on Tuesday, with some holding the book in the air and saying they refuse to let their children read it.  
They say the book, which tells the story of a Native American teen’s experience at a ‘mostly white’ high school, has racist and sexual themes they don’t think seventh graders should be exposed to. 
Success Academy Charter School provided the following statement in response:  
"At Success Academy, we have very high standards and select books responsibly and thoughtfully. This award-winning book is heralded by educators and beloved by students. We don't think it would be fair to deny our students the opportunity to read this coming-of-age novel because of its language and a few harmless sexual references.” 
Success Academy also tells News 12 that the students do not navigate these texts alone, and that educators are on-hand to answer and address questions.