Tenants of Coney Island Houses dealing with flooded lobby, inoperative elevators

New York City Housing Authority crews are on site repairing the problem and draining the water.

Faith Graham

Dec 29, 2023, 5:54 PM

Updated 146 days ago


Tenants living at the Coney Island Houses are dealing with a flooded lobby that has knocked out their elevator service.
The problem began Friday morning following the rain. Residents say it did not come as a surprise though, as they say the building floods often during wet weather.
Residents could be seen trudging through the building's lobby to exit. They tell News 12 the conditions disproportionately impact the elderly residents who are at risk of slipping and need proper elevator service.
"Flooding has been an issue. Every time it rains hard, it floods in the hallway, then it leads to the elevator and the elevator stops so you can't even take the elevator at all. And once you do try to take the stairs, it will go into the stairway and it could possibly get into your house," said Elexis, a mother who was unable to return to her apartment as she could not lug her son in a stroller up the stairs.
NYCHA crews were on site repairing the issue. They issued us the following statement.
"NYCHA staff are on-site addressing the source and resulting flooding conditions at 2926 W. 25th St. Once the water has been removed, work will begin to restore elevator service to the building. Stairclimber assistance is available in the meantime. Residents in need of assistance are encouraged to call the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771."
As for what caused the flooding, NYCHA did not release that information.

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