Rep. Max Rose focuses on commuting concerns in town hall

Rep. Max Rose held another town hall that focused on improving infrastructure and commuting ties for Staten Island and South Brooklyn.
The meeting was held at IL Centro in Bath Beach. Rep. Rose says residents in Staten Island and Brooklyn have been left out of major transit improvements for too long.
He was joined by representatives from New York City Transit and the city's Department of Transportation to hear residents on what can be done to help out.
"OK I've been living here in Bay Ridge for 10 years and I've been dealing with the situation with the MTA. Taking your train is not easy and having to get to work in the city or downtown Brooklyn is never easy it's always a challenge," said Bay Ridge resident Mya Murad.
Rep. Rose has been focused on making changes for commuters in his district.
This summer, he passed legislation through the House to bring split tolling to the Verrazano-Narrows bridge.