Councilman: Taxpayers footing bill for bad DHS housing

Lawmakers and activists are condemning the city for placing thousands of former homeless Brooklyn and city families in substandard housing.
Councilman Bill de Blasio, flanked by housing advocates on the steps of City Hall, demanded Thursday that the Department of Homeless Services re-inspect thousands of units in its defunct Housing Stability Plus program. Activists said families remain in the apartments.
"Go back and do it right. We're not going to allow a situation where taxpayers will be paying for substandard housing," de Blasio said.
Lakima Anderson said she was homeless for more than a year before the city moved her into an apartment. "They didn't do [an] adequate assessment when they came to check this building. They should have talked to the tenants, made sure the landlord is doing the right thing," Anderson said. "You can't get nothing fixed here."
DHS ended the Housing Stability Plus program in March after housing units were found to have lead paint and other violations.