Crown Heights community fears closure of essential supermarket amid pandemic

A group of Crown Heights residents say they fear their neighborhood supermarket is in jeopardy of being replaced by something less accessible to the community.
The group held a rally at the front door of Associated Supermarket and marched to the offices of elected officials in their district. This was in response to the owner of the site, Midwood Investment and Development, saying it is looking to advance with new plans for the area.
Residents say the shop has been in the area for decades and is essential since it is the only supermarket that caters to many who travel by foot.
“Associated provides high-quality food but at a reasonable price that we can afford," says Alicia Boyd, founder of Movement to Protect the People.
One 74-year-old resident told News 12. "It's a terrible impact because…I've always lived within three blocks of this Associated...where would I be able to go?"
Midwood Investment and Development tells News 12, "We look forward to moving ahead with plans for a larger supermarket on the site, along with a significant amount of affordable housing and local job opportunities."
However, for some community members, like mother Rita Joseph, the word "affordable" raises further concerns.
"What does affordable really mean?" Joseph says. "They throw the word around affordability— half the time, it's not affordable."