Crown Heights Tenant Union demands better living conditions for community

The Crown Heights Tenant Union lined up outside an apartment building in Crown Heights Tuesday to fight for tenants' rights. 
Tenants at 567 St. John's Place told News 12 the living conditions in their apartment are unacceptable and unlawful. Sophia Stevenson is legally blind and has been a resident for over 30 years. She says management has changed over time, and so have the conditions - but for the worse. 
"I don't see that well, so I need to have the place in good conditions," Stevenson told News 12. "But right now, the hole is all in the floor. The cupboard is old, the place is leaking upstairs, it's a mess."
Evelyn De Leon has been a resident since last April, but her family has lived in the building for decades. She says her fridge doesn't work, her oven is old and barely works, and her floors are uneven. She even caught bedbugs in her room and says it's nearly impossible to live here. She also expressed her gratitude for the Crown Heights Tenant Union. 
"The support that I'm getting today here means that someone cares in the community," De Leon said. 
Tenants say the same does not apply to City Hall or its current administrator. In a statement to News 12, the Department of Housing Preservation and Development says, "7A is one of HPD’s strongest enforcement actions put in place to improve conditions in buildings with excessive housing code violations, ensuring the health and safety of tenants. Extensive rehabilitation is planned and in progress for this building, and the current 7A has been in contact with tenants ensure they’re aware of each update as it occurs.”
News 12 reached out to 7A administrator Nikolaos Leonardos for comment but has not heard back yet.