CUNY students rally to save Women's Center at Brooklyn College

Dozens of Brooklyn College students took to the streets to rally against what they say are budget and staffing cuts to their beloved Women's Center. 
The center was in its final stages of hiring for two full-time staff positions when CUNY Central decided to impose a hiring freeze, leaving students fearful that without sufficient staffing, they would not have access to the same level of support and resources. 
"It is disappointing that the college continues to claim there is no cut. We have already lost a full-time staff, a full-time staff cannot be replaced by a part-time staff who gets paid less per hour, lost all the benefits," said Dr. Sau-Fong Au, Director of the Women's Center. 
In a statement to News 12, a Brooklyn College spokesperson says:
"While the college is facing budgetary constraints, the administration strongly supports the Women's Center and considers its work vital to our mission. The Women's Center is currently staffed by one full-time staff member, three part-time staff members, and numerous federal work-study students. The two full-time positions requested by the center are on pause until funding becomes available, as are dozens of other positions across the campus."