Dangerous intersection in Belmont has residents concerned about safety

A dangerous intersection at 188th Street and Lorillard Place in Belmont has some residents concerned for the safety of the community.
Jeff Vargon, a resident who has lived at the intersection for 30 years, reached out to the Bronx Community Board Number 6 with his concerns back in October 2021.
“It’s gotten to the point where there’s been so many accidents, so many incidents where something has to be done about this,” said Vargon.
Vargon was told that three intersections in his neighborhood would be considered for mobile speed enforcement.
According to a statement from the Department of Transportation Friday, the department is currently working in communication with the community board and exploring possible safety measures in the area.
The District Manager of the Bronx Community followed up with the department on Vargon’s request, but they do not have an update on future safety plans.