Dashi Okume in Greenpoint gives a taste of Japan without leaving Brooklyn

New Yorkers can now get a taste of Japan without ever getting on a plane at Greenpoint's Dashi Okume, the first Japanese natural broth shop in the country.
Customers can buy an assortment of dried fish such as mackerel, sardines and anchovies to create dashi.
So, what exactly is dashi? It's a broth made from dried fish, seaweed and mushrooms.
At this shop, customers can either make their own custom dashi or buy it premade. The fish also come straight from a market in Tokyo.
The ingredients are blended together into a teabag-like packet and once boiled, become an essential base for Japanese dishes like miso soup and ramen.
In addition to selling dashi, the shop also has a sake bar and dining area where customers can enjoy a traditional teishoku, a Japanese set meal that includes fresh fish, vegetables, rice, miso soup and tea.
The owner says that the shop is here to educate and spread the culture of dashi and Japan's fish-eating culture.