Debates over Bruckner Boulevard upzoning continues with input from community members today

The debate over a new 400-apartment housing development coming to Throgs Neck continued today as the City Council heard from the community about the plan.
Some residents say this plan would bring affordable housing and good jobs to the area. On the other hand, some say the neighborhood is already overcrowded and that this could lead to issues with transportation, school capacity and more.
The proposal was approved by city planning last month. Mayor Eric Adams has said he supports the plan. It would bring 400 new apartments to the neighborhood, across four buildings along the Bruckner Expressway. Developers say the four buildings will provide a supermarket, affordable housing for veterans and seniors, and a youth center.
Since the plan was announced, protests both in support and in opposition to the rally have taken place. Some local unions have said this plan could have a positive impact on the affordable housing crisis in the city, but other residents point to lower police and fire department efficiency as a possible concern. 
Bronx residents gathered today ahead of the City Council's hearing on the proposed plan and rallied outside of City Hall in support of the project.
Other residents have brought up concerns about how this would impact their quality of life through things as simple as being able to find a parking spot when you go to the store or come home from work.
An official vote on the project will be scheduled for a later date.