Department of Sanitation deploys hundreds of salt spreaders across NYC ahead of incoming storm

The Department of Sanitation spent Saturday preparing for the incoming winter storm.
Salt spreaders got filled across the city and hit the roads to get the primary coat of salt down before the first flurries hit.
The department has more than 200,000 tons of salt on hand and will redeploy all 715 salt spreaders.
Edward Grayson, the commissioner of the Department of Sanitation, says sanitation employees are still working split shifts for a full week.
"Everybody is definitely tired, but they're dedicated, so we do train for this. We've put in extended shifts before," Grayson says. 
The commissioner also says that while all the roads are passable, there is still some build up on some of the roadbeds which may be challenging in some residential areas.
Alternate side parking is suspended through Friday and outdoor dining is suspended on Sunday.
The Department of Sanitation says recycling may be delayed again because of the major weather conditions.