Doctor reflects on his battle against COVID-19

Dr. Parag Mehta recounts the moments he caught COVID-19 in March 2020, starting a two-week-long battle with the illness. 
After caring for countless patients at NY Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Mehta ultimately ended up getting infected and brought the virus home. He gave it to his mother-in-law, who died from her symptoms.  
“She had never put her foot outside the home, so it’s me who brought the disease,” said Mehta. “It is hard even to think today about why she lost her life.” 
While fighting to recover, Mehta says it was the help of his loved ones that helped him power through. He says during his quarantine, his daughter would slip letters under the door to show how much she missed him.  
Dr. Mehta says his message to health care workers who fought endlessly through the pandemic is to prioritize their mental health.  
“It’s very normal to get burnout,” said Mehta. “We have to address it by helping each other. We all need to learn different mechanisms, how to overcome this burnout.” 
The doctor recommends journaling, practicing mindfulness, and exercising in order to maintain good mental health.