Doctors urge New Yorkers to know warning signs of a potential heart attack

Medical practitioners are making sure that New Yorkers are aware of the warning signs for a potential heart attack.  
February marks Heart Health Month, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the No. 1 killer in the United States, with nearly 650,000 Americans dying yearly from heart attacks or heart-related complications.  
Bronx resident Avdi Gecaj says he decided to get himself examined by a doctor after his older brother had a heart attack. The 32-year-old recently had a stent inserted to treat his heart condition – a condition he didn’t know about until he went to get checked.  
“I was a ticking time bomb,” said Gecaj. “It wasn’t a matter of if, but more a matter of when.” 
Gecaj now goes for a checkup biweekly at St. Barnabas Hospital and maintains a close watch over his cardiovascular health.  
Doctors warn people to look out for typical symptoms of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease, such as chest pains, shortness of breath, chest pressure, squeezing pain around the neck and jaw, and more.  
If you’re even experiencing just one of these symptoms, doctors say you should seek immediate medical attention.