DOE employee facing charges for allegedly assaulting P.S. 12 student

A Department of Education employee is facing charges for allegedly assaulting a student. 
Standley McCray is accused of grabbing students by their necks. He is no longer working at P.S. 12 as a paraprofessional. 
Officials say McCray has been a school employee since 2015 and assisted students under the supervision of another DOE professional. 
The investigation started after a student reported that he had been grabbed by McCray during lunch by the neck and arm, forcing him to the floor. 
The student also reported that the gym teacher at the school, Aziza Homnick, witnessed what happened. 
Later, medical professionals ruled the child’s injuries consistent with an assault. Investigators say there is a video of McCray holding the student’s fingers for two minutes. 
The DOE responded to the incident saying, “This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and Mr. McCray was terminated for this matter.” 
McCray now faces multiple charges including assault in the third-degree. 
“There is no reason for an official that we're supposed to send our kids to school with, that we entrust them to protect our kids, for them to do that, that’s unacceptable,” a parent tells News 12.