Dogs rescued from China arrive at JFK Int'l Airport to meet new families

Nearly two dozen rescue dogs from China were united with their new owners at John F. Kennedy International Airport Monday.
Families from Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester and Brooklyn were excited to welcome their furry additions to their homes.
Nonprofit rescue group No Dogs Left Behind helped to rescue around 300 dogs in China last year.
Group founder Jeff Beri says that they partner with local activists in China to protect the animals that are set to be slaughtered in parts of the country.
"We confiscate the dogs, treat them, rehabilitate them, vaccinate them, sterilize them, get them adopted and finally get them home," Beri says.
Activists for No Dogs Left Behind say some of the canines were literally pulled from death's arms. One was found in the back of a restaurant in a slaughter cage.
"These dogs would have no life if we didn't get them home," Beri says.
A total of 23 dogs arrived in New York today.
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