DOT seeks residents' input to alleviate traffic at Grand Army Plaza

The Department of Transportation is asking for the public’s help figuring out how to alleviate traffic at the Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Heights.
From the cars to the bikes to the people, Grand Army Plaza always seems to be busy.
Leonard Jones has resided in Prospect Heights for 35 years. For him, this heavy traffic hit close to home one day.
"My wife was in an accident back in March and she broke her tibia, her fibula, tore her meniscus," Jones says about the incident in which his wife was struck by a car while she was riding her bike.
"It was absolutely tragic for me to get the phone call. She was just riding her bike to work," Jones recalls.
It's because of incidents like that one that the city is working to make Grand Army Plaza safer and more enjoyable.
Just this past week, the Department of Transportation launched a survey to get feedback from residents. It's largely focused on traffic safety.
"Well, I'm glad that the eyes are on it, you know, there's enough... like I said, my wife's situation was tragic, but there's been worse," Jones says.
It's all part of the DOT's Prospect Heights Public Space Study. The next step is a workshop that is expected to take place this Wednesday over Zoom.
The DOT hopes to bounce ideas for the area's long-term vision.
If you are interested in attending the virtual meeting on the issue, follow this link.