Downed wires, pole knock out power in Borough Park

Wires and a telephone pole came down in a section of Borough Park Wednesday afternoon, knocking out power to hundreds of people.
The incident happened after wires and a telephone pole came down. Con Edison was on the scene making repairs and taking care of downed power lines in front of several businesses along Fort Hamilton Parkway.
A couple of buildings lost power due to the incident.
Police tell News 12 that around 2 p.m. a telephone pole came down near the corner. A traffic light could be seen on the ground in pieces along with the pole. Con Edison says a truck hit the cable TV wires, which caused the pole to come down.
Traffic was diverted through the busy intersection as police and the fire department assessed the situation.
Emergency management was also on scene to make sure no one was injured from the power lines.
One person is reported to be hurt, but the severity of the injury was not immediately clear. According to Con Edison, service was interrupted for 522 customers for a period of time while workers tried to clear the wires.